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European cafe meets Southern ingredients

Tasting Menu

Food is about stories -- stories of people and their culture, stories of farmers and their passion, stories about ingredients and their history. Elvie's was inspired by these stories. We want to provide an experience that tells the stories of these farmers, seasons, and people through a new tasting menu.


During this time of limited seating capacity and social distancing, we're offering a 6 course tasting menu to those who want to dine in at Elvie's. Each dish is inspired by the culinary and agricultural history of Mississippi. We're also offering wine pairings to perfectly compliment these courses.


Hospitality (tip) is included in this experience! This menu will change frequently and is based on the very freshest ingredients available.


Here's a sample menu:

Two Dog farm egg / poached egg yolk / truffle cream / smoked pork cracklings


Magnolia cured snapper crudo / pickled kohlrabi / magnolia vinaigrette / chive oil / oranges / grapes


Crispy soft shelled crab / corn mousse / fermented black beans / pickled squash


MS rabbit / magnolia vinaigrette / young vegetables


Duck Breast / puffed sorghum / fennel puree / collard green puree / spring onion puree / pea puree / squash puree / spinach puree


MS Peach Granita / rose jelly / pickled roses / magnolia syrup


Baked Brie ​half​ $8 / Whole15

local honey / crispy rosemary / walnuts / toasted sourdough

Oysters Elveretta16

artichoke / parmesan / bacon

Fried Brussel Sprouts10

parmesan / chile

*Beef Tartare14

chives / dill / toast

Parmesan & Blue Crab Soup9

bacon truffle cream

Duck Fat French Fries8

served with aioli

Croque Madame14

country ham / bechamel / parmesan / egg

Raw Oysters2.75 / ea

wasabi mignonette / oldbay crackers

Redfish Ceviche14

citrus / tequila / radish / chili

Shrimp Cocktail18

cocktail sauce / oldbay crackers

Duck Liver Pate9

pickles / toasted sourdough

Country Ham12

North Carolina ham / sourdough / mustard

Pork Rillettes10

toasted sourdough / mustard / pickles

Muffaletta w/ Zapps13

mortadella / ms ham / olive salad / provolone

Bahn Mi10

sliced pork / country ham / chicken liver / cilantro / pickled carrots / serrano


Elvie’s Little Gem Salad6/12

little gem lettuce / smoked oyster dressing / parmesan

Shrimp Remoulade15

Gulf shrimp / remoulade / radish / egg

Elvie’s proudly serves local Mississippi produce, proteins and Gulf seafood


Consuming raw or uncooked meals, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness