Elvie's is Jackson's newest all-day cafe, serving seasonal fare that highlights Southern farmers.

From fisherman and oyster farmers in the gulf, to organic produce and sustainably raised animals, Elvie’s is committed to using the highest quality, ethically sourced, and best tasting ingredients available. Inspired by French cafes, Elvie’s will be a restaurant that you can enjoy all day. In the morning, stop by to enjoy breakfast and espresso, in the afternoon meet a friend for a classic cocktail and a bite to eat, or come experience dinner. At Elvie’s, our hope is that every guest feels at home. Generosity, passion, and attention to detail are at the heart of our hospitality and we want that to be part of your dining experience.

Growing up I would visit my grandmother, Elvaretta May Good, in New Orleans. I remember the layout of her house and exactly where the kitchen was-- it was very central to visiting her. I remember the smells: shrimp in the sink about to be peeled, stuffed artichokes in the oven, and the spinach madeline casserole browning. Most people know and recognize a unique culture around the food in New Orleans. It is fun, flavorful, nurturing, and communal. I got a front row seat of that from my grandmother.

One of the great things about food is the ability to strike all those chords of emotions that come with being human. The opportunity to make someone feel known, heard, and cared for is a powerful and important one, and I can't wait to be able to do that through Elvie's.

— Chef Hunter Evans